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Josephine Mauskopf Co-Chairs ISPOR Budget Impact Analysis Task Force
posted 2005.11.3

Josephine Mauskopf

Josephine Mauskopf, Vice-President of Health Economics for RTI Health Solutions, was recently appointed co-chair of the ISPOR Budget Impact Analysis Task Force along with Sean Sullivan from the University of Washington.

The task force was established in May, 2005 to provide detailed guidance on methodologies for Budget Impact Analyses (BIAs). Unlike cost-effectiveness analyses (CEAs), standard methods for performing and presenting the results of BIAs are not well accepted. In 1998, Dr. Mauskopf presented a characterization and comparison of the CEA and BIA approach to economic assessment. In 2003, Dr Trueman and colleagues proposed an initial framework for standardization of BIAs. However, until the formation of this task force, no standard guidance has been made available to those conducting and reviewing the results of such analyses.

As co-chairs, Dr. Mauskopf and Dr Sullivan are leading the task force efforts to:

  • Establish good research practice methods for conducting and reviewing budget impact analyses
  • Develop a coherent set of methodological guidelines for BIA
  • Build on previous work both in the published literature and presented in regulatory guidelines
  • Work closely with regulatory agencies in different countries to ensure that the guidance in the task force report will provide information about the budget impact of a new health care intervention in a format that is useful for decision makers.

Look for the detailed report from the Budget Impact Analysis Task Force on the ISPOR web site in late 2006 and in Value in Health in 2007.

For more information, contact Dr. Mauskopf directly or call 1.800.262.3011.


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