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RTI Health Solutions Now Offers GPRD Access and Analysis Services
posted 2003.2.13

RTI Health Solutions is pleased to offer access to the UK-based General Practice Research Database* (GPRD). RTI-HS has provided GPRD analysis and study design services since October 2002, and now we can conduct the research on your behalf using our new MCA Level 4 license or assist you with analysis projects using your own data license.

GPRD represents the world's largest computerized database of anonymized longitudinal patient medical records from general-practice settings. We understand the complexities of GPRD and can collaborate with you to

  • Evaluate your safety questions
  • Understand the natural history (e.g., associated co-morbidities) of your company's key diseases,
  • Understand drug switching and outcomes,
  • Understand UK treatment patterns associated with diseases, and
  • Understand the risk factors for outcomes associated with treatments.

Our expert staff is fully trained and skilled in GPRD utilization and is assisted by a team of epidemiologists, statisticians, programmers, clinicians, and health outcomes experts who know the UK healthcare system. Contact any of the RTI-HS staff members listed below to discuss GPRD and your specific project needs. For more information about GPRD in general, visit MCA's GPRD web site at www.gprd.com, and to learn more about RTI-HS's full range of services, visit our web site at www.rtihs.org.

* The GPRD contains more than 35 million patient-years of data from over 6 million patients enrolled in 600+ general practices in England and Wales. The database spans 1988 through the present, and during any given calendar year, an average of 1.5 to 2.5 million individuals are available for study.

For a growing set of patients, the data stored in MCA's Full Feature GPRD encompass information collected during general-practitioner encounters, including diagnoses, symptoms, and outpatient procedures such as laboratory tests; prescriptions; specialist referrals; hospitalizations (date and reason for hospitalization); and preventive healthcare measures such as immunizations, height, weight, blood pressure readings, and queries about smoking status and alcohol consumption.

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Andrews, PhD

Susan Eaton, MSPH, MT

Pat Tennis, PhD


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